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Your Generation Didn't Care About The Environment!


In the queue at the supermarket, the cashier says to an old lady: You should bring your own bags with you when you go food shopping, plastic bags are not environmentally friendly!!

- I apologize, said the old lady - I forgot. There was no such things as green wave in my time. That's exactly our problem today, replied the cashier - your generation didn't care enough about our environment.

You're right - replied the old lady - anyway, I don't think our generation didn't care about the environment.. When I was young, we had glass bottles for milk, like soda and beer bottles, we recycled them. We really didn't care about the environment of our time.

When we went from one floors to another in shops or offices, there were no escalators - we walked..

When we went shopping, visiting friends in our city, we did not get into a car to drive 1 - 2 kilometers we walked or cycled. We didn't care about the environment then.

We washed our babies diapers - there were no other options.

We air-dried our clothes and did not use a dryer, the sun and wind really dried our clothes. Children were wearing second hand clothes, not always new. We also sewed and knitted clothes ourselves.

But it is true, there was no concern about the environment back then.

If we couldn't afford it, we didn't have it. We would have only one radio and later one TV.

Today, a TV in each room. Back then TV's was small and not like today - huge.

Back then we got our TV repaired if it broke and not like today when you just throw it out and buy a new one.

Back then, we washed our glasses and plates ourselves. Sometimes we helped each other and talked together - it was nice and we learned something new about each other almost every time - we communicated.

When we sent something that could break, we wrapped it in crumpled newspapers, instead of bubble wrap, plastic chips or foam. We didn't use anything that, that takes over 500 years to go to in nature.

When we were going to mow the lawn, we did not use gasoline engines, it was hard and healthy to have a lawn, we had a machine that mowed the grass by being pushed over the lawn.

That way we saved time by not having to run in a gym where almost all equipment today uses electricity - but you're right, there was no concern about the environment at the time

When we were out listening to music or out for a market day and buying food and drinks, we didn't get plastic glasses, plastic cutlery and plastic plates, we drank from the bottle. The real glass and we ate from real porcelain. It did not contaminate nature.

When we wrote letters, we used fountain pens or pencils, and not the kind you just throw away when there is no more ink in them. You took care of your writing tool, it was often one and the same one you had all your life.

Scissors and knives were maintained and sharpened and not just thrown out because they could no cut any longer. Maybe we had a kind of green wave back then.

Back then, we walked, cycled or took the bus to school, or when we were visiting friends instead of using our parents as a 24/7 taxi service.

Back then, we only had one power outlet in each room - we didn't need any more. We didn't have all this electronic stuff and stuff - computer, monitor, printer, stereo, television, chargers and other digital dims that you have today, we survived without.

Back then we didn't need to have satellites to tell our GPS where we were, we could use a map, and even remember roads where we had been before.

When we went on holiday, which was not so common at that time we used the bikes, took the bus or train into the nature or to the beach. It was limited how far from home we could go, because we had to go back and forth within the holiday season. Later we took the car, but we didn't get much further away.

So, don't you think it's funny that the current generation talks so much about "environment"?

No one will do without the luxury of pollution. Of course, we are all guilty in one way - our generation has been the creator of the things that today gives it luxury.

We did not think about or have any idea of ​​the consequences of the progress we made possible. In the generation whose time and future we live in now, only a few want to turn back the time, or stop using the luxury that is available today to save the world we live in - the earth, the animals, and the people.

What I say in the text is not accusations - but a hint to sit down and think about what you do in everyday life, what you use your energy on and your resources on how to live your life.

Please think about whether you can change some things in your life, in the light of the history..

PS The text is inspired by Jcaromas

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

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