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What is ACH?
Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy

Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy
The Ultimate Method To Change Your Life!

During a 1-2 hours ACH session, the entire hour is dedicated to the therapy process, enabling us to accomplish 4-6 "traditional" sessions within that timeframe.

So in other words, 2 sessions (around 2 hours per session) with me = 12 traditional sessions.

Through the utilization of ACH, I've come to recognize the distinctiveness of each individual, client, their approach to defining, experiencing, and resolving their issues.

In contrast, traditional therapists often rely on pre-existing materials, scripts, and invest a significant portion of time in the hypnosis component. Their approach attempts to fit all clients into a standardized framework, which we both know it is not impossible.

With ACH, I tailor and construct sessions that align with your unique needs, adapting as your thoughts and experiences unfold during our interaction. The primary focus remains on achieving the quickest and most effective results, alongside secondary benefits, all without the need for post-session tasks or audio materials.

This approach allows you to move forward with your life, free from the burden of the issue, and without the necessity of further sessions.

I’m sure you would rather spend less time with me and more time enjoying your life, right?

As you can see based on what I wrote, I am a specialist in LGBTQ+ Mental Health, Self-Confidence, Alcoholism and Addictions.

Whereas the traditional therapist using that outdated version of hypnosis they are a generalist in everything, hence why it takes so long to have a breakthrough. 

I only work on results for my clients and that's is why I don't offer package deals. 

Does this make sense? Is there anything else you want me to explain for you?

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Why Peter Julius?

Expert & Specialize in:
Fear Of Flying / LGBTQ+ Mental Health / Alcoholism & Addictions /
Self-Confidence & Empowerment

Personal Guidance / Proven Results / Flexible Schedule / Advanced Techniques /  Professionally Trained     

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