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Meet Peter Julius



How are you today?

I am Certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy and I trained at

The Marisa Peer School.

I specialise in:

Addictions, Adopted & Foster Children, Fear & Phobia, LGBTQ and Relationships.

I am also hetero friendly!!

I have chosen to specialise in those areas because:


Close friends and family members has been dealing with all sorts of addictions. I understand you! I have no judgement to whatever your addiction is and there is hope and help for you.

Adopted & Foster Children

My good friend is adopted (not a happy ending) and I was for a short time in foster care myself. I have seen first hand how "lost" those kids can feel. I can help you finding YOURSELF again, so you get the feeling of belonging in the right place. 

Fear & Phobia

It is very often a belief from the childhood, was a close family member scared of spiders or afraid of flying? If you just said Yes, then it is a belief from the past. I can help you remove that block.


Being gay myself, I know it can be difficult "to get out of the closet"

and feel accepted.. Today I feel very accepted and I can help you feel the same amazing feeling.


The sweet love is love, and it all starts with you!

Once you understand and accept that You Are Enough & Lovable! 

Then real love and respect will follow.

All of the above can cause anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, loss of motivation if not being delt with.

Together we can fix those issues and beliefs fast!

So you can live the life of your dreams!

I Am Here For You!

I was born in a village called Nykøbing Sjælland in Denmark.

But I was raised in another village a bit more south in Fuglebjerg.

Mama Julius and my lovely stepdad Christian did a great job raising me, they taught me how to grow carrots, potatoes and cabbage LOL

And of course how to be a good person to others!

For the past 8,5 years I have been living in Barcelona - Catalunya.

But now I live in Málaga, the southern part of Spain.

I also lived in Brixton - London, England for almost 9 years.

I have create a unique blog for you to explore, it is personal! 

I will share my thoughts and my life experiences with you.
I will write about life - how I see it.

I know some will love it and others will say it's too much,

but it's my life and my story! 

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

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