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I was so happy to speak to you recently. We were having just a normal conversation about “stuff” and I happened to mention something that was going around in my head. Like most people I guess, when we have pool of thoughts , ideas, fears etc swimming around in our heads it becomes difficult to get some resolve or clarity.
In our conversation you suggested a couple of things to me that might help. It made me look at myself in a truthful way.
Long story short ...your kindness helped’s still working progress of course , I am human afterall but thank you 😊. Keep it going ... I love your positive vibe.

- MissPandora Sitges 

I had a quick session with Coach Peter Julius and I couldn't recommend him more. He's a great listener and extremely sharp. In the few minutes that we talked he quickly understood where I came from, gave great advice that helped me greatly and that I still follow. Thank you for your generosity Coach Peter Julius


- Roberto

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