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Reviews - Testimonials

My name is Maria T. and I found Peter online at a time when I was feeling really bad about myself. Unemployed and with every rejection letter feeling worse and worse.  The change within me didn't come immediately but day by day I'd notice that I was feeling worthy and optimistic again, my confidence rising! What I like the most about Peter is his empathy, sharing your anxieties and bad days, but also your enthusiasm on the good ones!! He was there all the way, following up after the initial session with emails, texts and calls!

Hi I am Maria,

I have struggled with fear of flying for a long time.

This has affected my family and made my life a bit more difficult because I used to get physically ill before going on a plane.

I was lucky to find Peter Julius, he gave me a lovely RTT session, where he was able to find and bust the root cause of my fear.

He was an amazing therapist and a very compassionate and understanding person that guided me through the process of letting go of this unpleasant part of my life. I

felt really great after the therapy and now I can’t wait to jump in a plane so I can enjoy traveling again. I am really thankful, and fully recommend him, he is very professional and the whole experience was really pleasant. Days later I got a lovely book by him and a beautiful sticker so I keep remembering that I am enough, brave enough to fly!


Hola Peter
I'm doing really well after our session. I can feel the new me coming through and it feels amazing.
I'm listening to the record before going to sleep and the truth is that I'm falling asleep with my headphones on and my sleep time is constant and make me feel rested. 
Thank you for believing in me.

- Santiago

Thanks for texting me and thank you again for bring me the opportunity to try RTT with you. Honestly, I'm really fine, haven't been using any kind of drugs during all this time. Don't think I need it right now.
I feel more light, happier, was going to the gym all this time until they closed the gyms. With my husband we are really well also.
I listened to the audio every night. I'm still doing it.. 

- Mauro

Peter understood my problem very clearly and helped to work on it deeply.

His methodology is clear, precise and very thorough. He goes the extra miles by providing a long session and a recording to continue the work afterward, and follows up. After a week I've gained so much more confidence overall and some health issue (gluten intolerance) have started to disappear! Impressive result, I recommend him wholeheartedly.

- Laurent

The hypnosis session with Peter Julius was very interesting.

He as a coach makes you feel at ease directly, explains well the process and ensures a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The hypnosis itself was all very clarifying, both beautiful yet confronting but going to the core of the limiting belief to be handled. Listening to the personal recorded audio is so far improving my goal and excited to see more!

- Tim

Peter is a great coach and person! He is helping me a lot and taking care about me!!! I recommend him 100%

- Lionel

It was my first RTT experience and I felt energetically much lighter after the session.
Peter is a wonderful therapist and I felt very comfortable in his presence.
I believe in hypnosis resetting the mind and assisting in one's personal development, and I feel Peter has done a wonderful session with me.

I would recommend him to my family and friends. #Peter'swonderfulRTTsession 😊

- Capris

That recording impress me every night. 
I definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who wants that extra push for making a change in their lives for the better. I’m very impress with the results that I’m already experiencing and I believe that I’m only at beginning of a journey for long term results. 
Peter was super professional and kind. It was my first therapy/coaching experience and he made an impact for sure. Thank you. 

- John

I have to confess that it was my first time that I have done a hypnosis session.
I was suspicious of the result, but from the first moment Peter has given me a lot of confidence and freedom, so at the first moment after the session it came out as it I would have left a very heavy backpack in the therapy, on the same night after listening to the meditation I slept like a child and I continue to this day, I have also noticed that my nivel of anxiety has decreased and in these moments of so much stress I’m so grateful for it! So thank you very much Peter for this kind needed lovely moment.

- Roger

For the first time in my 79 years old life, I tried hypnosis therapy -  what an experience. I told everything about my life.
Peter had to take me to the sofa, because I was so relaxed.
My medicine intake has gone down.
I am listening to the personal recording he made for me every night and I sleep wonderful with good dreams.

- Mama Julius

Peter have to tell you I had the best nights sleep last night.

After I listened to your recording, I drifted off and I awoke in exactly the same position.

I can't remember the last time I didn't toss and turn around all night.

Thank you ♥

- Darrel

I was so happy to speak to you recently. We were having just a normal conversation about “stuff” and I happened to mention something that was going around in my head. Like most people I guess, when we have pool of thoughts , ideas, fears etc swimming around in our heads it becomes difficult to get some resolve or clarity.
In our conversation you suggested a couple of things to me that might help. It made me look at myself in a truthful way.
Long story short ...your kindness helped’s still working progress of course , I am human afterall but thank you 😊. Keep it going ... I love your positive vibe.

- Miss Pandora

I had a quick session with Coach Peter Julius and I couldn't recommend him more. He's a great listener and extremely sharp. In the few minutes that we talked he quickly understood where I came from, gave great advice that helped me greatly and that I still follow.
Thank you for your generosity Coach Peter Julius

- Roberto

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