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In a time like this I am thinking a lot, more than usually..

As I got older I tense to speak less, observe more and analyse peoples behaviour around me even more..

And I am ok with that, but it got me thinking..

Thinking about the ex friends, the ex lovers, the ex boyfriends, are they okay? Should I care anymore?

But I do care, because they all played an impotent role in my life-story, some just had a sentence, some had a page, some had a chapter and others even made it to the end of the book, without even knowing it - if you know what I mean.

Why haven't they contacted me?

Should I contact them or not?

I know, no respons is also a respons, but what respons is that?

They don't care anymore?

They moved on?

I am a nobody to them?

They know I am a fighter and survivor?

No matter what, it cannot change how I feel and think about them, because it is my life and my story.

- The Story About My Life💜💜

I believe in you 💯% Have a great day! Peter Julius

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