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Making The Unfamiliar Familiar!

Tomorrow I have been living in my new place for 2 weeks and almost 1 month in Malaga.

Things didn’t go as planned, but they did go as originally planned if you know what I mean.

I live in an Airbnb apartment with 3 other straight guys, I don’t mind straight people – I am hetero friendly LOL (A joke because some people say they are gay friendly so I just turned it around – funny me). Nice place, good location, but not my dream place to live, because the rubbish man come 3 times a week at 3 am!

The plan was to live with the boyfriend, but it didn’t work out – I don’t want to go into private details and there are always two sides to every story. So please shut the fuck up and don’t ask me about that!!

I have accepted the fact that I am alone in my new city.

I feel the people here are more friendly that in Barcelona (I do have some amazing Catalan friends), but here it is a whole other level, they try and want to understand me and to get to know me - I am a BIG FAN of southern Spain!!

Yes I do feel super lonely here, but I am taking it as a blessing.. Because now I have time to take that free online course, read that book I wanted to read, to do that update on and so on.

The first 2 weeks here was really good and I met some amazing people.

I will remember them for the rest of my life and I am sure they will also remember me for a long time too. Thank you for being in my life for the time you were supposed to be – I will miss you..

I believe that you meet people for a reason and they leave when their time is “done”.

Sometimes they need to teach you a lesson and sometimes you need to teach them a lesson..

For the people there are no longer in my life (my choice or their choice), I wish you all the best in your future!! But the timing wasn’t right for us in that moment.

Maybe another day, maybe another year or maybe never..

People come and go, and then you meet…

I help people feel better about themselves for a living and now I am doing the some self-hypnosis to apply the same strategy to myself and it works – yeah 😊

All in all, I am ok with my move to Malaga – just lonely, but busy, and I will be ok because I have Piggy Niki ♥ ♥

Time will change, you will change, I will change, Corvid will change!

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great evening!

Peter Julius

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