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How To Avoid Rejection And Get Connection!

How to avoid rejection and get connection by Marisa Peer.

5 Tips to help you deal with rejection!

When someone say to you:

"You’ve got so fat it doesn’t suit you, shouldn’t have gained all that weight", or "you should never have cut your hair, it looks terrible". "Why can’t you control your children?" or "That presentation was terrible".

There is a few tips to what you can reply:

1) Thank you for sharing that!

- Like saying, that is your opinion and they know that you are not letting it in.

2) I’m sorry, I missed that would you say it again slow?

- They know, you be on them and they will most likely brush it way.

But if they do reply in a negative way, then move on to point number 3.

3) Are you trying to make me feel bad about myself?

- They will try to turn their wording around and give you "positive" feedback.

4) That´s not going to work, because I´m not going to let that in!

- They will most likely not say anything.

5) Since we are sharing, did you know that critical people have the most criticism reserved for themselves?

- Like saying to them, that they are really dissatisfied with themselves.

Marisa promise you 90% of the time they will let it go and so should you..

You can see the amazing video with Marisa Peer here ↓

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

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