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Welcome to my blog - it is personal! 

I will share my thoughts and my life experiences with you.
I will write about life - how I see it!

I know some will love it and others will say it's too much,

but it's my life and my story! 

I believe in you 💯%
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Peter Julius


We could all learn a few things from these young kids. How to make friends and how to be good to other people! They make it look so simple and it was one time, but then we grew up and forgot how to do it. Lets hope this video will inspire more people to be good to a strange, and maybe you will even get an amazing life story along the way..

Have a great day!

Besos ♥ Peter Julius x

Have you ever been compared with someone else?

Someone might have told you: I have been in this situation before with someone else, I know what you are like / will do!

They might be right, but then again they are not.

Because the two of you have never been in this situation together before, so it cannot be the same. Negative comparisons hurts.

They judge you on their past experiences, not you - remember that!

Positive comparisons can be good, but use them wisely.

Find Someone Who Understands And Loves You Through Your Anxiety

You can read the full article here

Besos ♥ Peter Julius xx

Is Social Media good for us or can it ruin a relationship?

Social Media is a great tool for us to stay in contact with our friends around the world, meeting new people, but can it also be damaging to our mental health?

True story:

Mr Cool, but not so cool when he doesn't post a photo of the two of you on his closed social media account. Or you tag him in a photo and you get into trouble for it or even get cut out of the photo.

Then later you see that the tag got removed, but he LOVES when you post a photo of the two of you on your profile.

Does he has something to hide?

Is he still in the closet?

Why doesn't he want other men to know that he is in a relationship?

Could he be looking for something on the side?

So many questions and no answers..

The next guy I am going to date has to be willing and automatically post a photo of just us on this social media. I know it might sounds silly, but it would mean a lot to me - like he cares about me and he wants the online world to know that we are together.

When I see a cute guy on Facebook or Instagram and there are photos of him and another man I think they could be boyfriends. So I either move on to the next profile or think they could be my future friends. But if there is no evidence of someone else in his life I might give it a sexy go.

I recently paused my Facebook..

I did it because, I had enough of spending time scrolling up and down on various timelines, giving a "Like" here and there.

Going back to the post I did about Alone In The City! What is 50 "like's" worth when you feel alone?

What do you think of social media?

Besos ♥ Peter Julius xx