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Welcome to my blog - it is personal! 

I will share my thoughts and my life experiences with you.
I will write about life - how I see it!

I know some will love it and others will say it's too much,

but it's my life and my story! 

I believe in you 💯%
Have a great day!
Peter Julius


I am sure most of us has been there – getting out of our comfort zone at some stage in our life’s.

What I am about to tell you are definitely the most “dangerous” out of my comfort zone I have ever been in my life and I have done some pretty crazy sh*t!!

1. Imagen going on a blind date.. (that can be scary – who is he? What does he look like? And so on)

2. In a city you don’t know. (OMG I am lost – even with Goggle Maps)

3. In Spanish (My 3rd languages and NOT fluent yet - SCREAM!!)

4. Then add cameras.. (F*ck!)

5. Prime Time TV (OMG F*CK Prime Time TV!!)

Yes that is me on First Date on national TV in Spain.

Here is my experience and what I am allowed to say for now..

Going on a first date can be scary and then you add the blind to it = even more scary (hint it turned out really well).

Long story short. I was approached to be on First Date Cafe España on Instagram, the lunch time show, so I thought “no pasa nada cariño” = do not worry darling.

The daytime tv show that no one sees, but it turns out to be the prime time tv show at 21 h dios mio cariño = OMG my f*cking god..

Breath darling, breath darling and then one more time..

I wish I could say more, but I am not allowed to share anything else for now, other than it was an amazing experience!!

- Would I do a similar TV program like this in Spanish again? 10.000% Si Yes Ja!!

So, watch out for First Date on Tele Cuatro España.

As soon as I get the link I will share it of course.

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

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This year I was lucky to be with Mama Julius for Christmas Eve 🎅🎅

We had an amazing home-cooked dinner and watched old Danish movies all night. (Frøken Nitouche from 1963 and Familien Gyldenkål from 1975)

I know, I am blessed to be with my mother in this festive season.

Not everyone has a family or could go and see them this year.

If you are alone or feel loneliness, then my advise to you is to send Merry Christmas message to someone you know or not know on social media and I guarantee they will love it 🤗🤗

We believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Mama Julius & Peter Julius

Photo 1, 2 or 3?

Three words with a lot of power!

I know "I love you" are also very powerful, but "I trust you" are even more powerful.

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great Sunday!

Peter Julius

Facebook: CoachPeterJulius

Instagram: CoachPeterJulius