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Healing Your Heart After A Breakup..

Are you struggling to move on after a painful breakup? Do you want to heal your wounded heart and rediscover the strength within you? Look no further – "UNBREAKABLE!" is your ultimate guide to finding resilience, self-love, and personal growth in the face of heartache.
This unique workbook is designed to accompany you on a 100-day healing journey, will empower you to emerge from the shadows of heartbreak and transform into the best version of yourself.
Each day brings a fresh opportunity for growth and self-discovery, featuring:

  • Positive good morning messages: Start your day with a dose of optimism and motivation. These uplifting messages will inspire you to embrace each day with renewed hope and positivity.
  • Quote of the day: Thoughtfully quotes that will resonate with your heart, offering wisdom and guidance to help you navigate the challenges of healing.
  • Emotion check-in: Reflect on your feelings and emotions, providing a safe space to acknowledge your pain, anger, sadness, or even moments of joy. This step is crucial in the healing process.
  • What did you learn today? Discover the powerful lessons that each day brings. Use this space to record your insights, personal growth and the steps you're taking to heal.
  • What would you have done differently? Reflection is a powerful teacher. Reflect on your experiences and explore how you might approach them differently in the future.
  • Sweet goodnight message: End your day on a calming note with heartfelt goodnight wishes. Find comfort in knowing that tomorrow is a new day full of opportunities for growth and healing.


Unbreakable is more than just a workbook, it's a companion on your journey toward healing and personal transformation. Let it be your daily source of strength, guidance, and self-discovery. As you work through these pages you will find that you are not only healing your heart, and also building an unbreakable spirit!

Join countless others who have found solace, strength and renewal within these pages. Break free from the chains of heartbreak and become Unbreakable!
Your path to healing and transformation begins here. Turn the page and let the journey commence.

UNBREAKABLE! Healing Your Heart After A Breakup..

€ 14,95Price
  • Workbook by Peter Julius

    This unique workbook is designed to accompany you on a 100-day healing journey,

    Size: height 22.5 cm - width 15 cm - thickness 1.5 cm

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