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There Will Always Be That One Person Who You Won’t Ever Forget!

Inspired by the article from Thought Catalog by Lauren Jarvis-Gibson.

There will always be that one person. That one person who will remain in your heart until your very last breath. That one person who will always have a piece of your heart. That one person who changed you and impacted you in a way that you never saw coming.

And no matter how hard you try and no matter how long it’s been, this person will always beat in your chest and breathe in your lungs. You won’t be able to get rid of their ghost and their shadow. You won’t be able to stop them from haunting your daydreams and nightmares.

But isn’t that a beautiful thing?

To know that you were loved by this person. That you were cherished and adored and cared for by this person who shaped you. Who built you. Who transformed you. Who taught you that you are in fact lovable and who showed you that you are worthy of wonderful and beautiful love.

And even though that person is gone now, even if your love together didn’t last forever, it will still remain inside of your bones and your cells and in your muscle memory. That love will still be so wonderfully alive inside of you.

Because even though this person is gone now, they showed you that you were magic. They showed you that you were beautiful and capable. Their love taught you that you deserve to be happy with or without them. Their love taught you that you know how to love and be loved back. And that you deserve it.

Don’t treat their leaving as a tragedy. Don’t treat their leaving as a thunderstorm that only rains down on you. Turn their leaving into a new beginning. Turn their leaving into starting over. Turn their leaving into new kinds of love and new kinds of magic.

Don’t let their leaving make you bitter. Don’t let their leaving make you stop believing.

You had love for a little while. You had great and life changing love that many people have never had the privilege to experience. So don’t hide away from your own life. Don’t shut out the people you love. Don’t turn away from trying to have a beautiful life. And don’t you dare say no to ever loving again.

You will love again.

So cherish the memories and the snapshots in your mind. Reminisce on the glory days where your heart felt full. Let your soul remember that love, and let your soul let that love go.

It doesn’t mean you will ever forget them. It doesn’t make that love anything less than what it was. It doesn’t make you a terrible person for moving on. You have to let this person go in order to experience love again. In order to fall in love with your life again and let your heart burst open.

You need to let this person go in order for you to live again.

So no, you won’t ever forget them. You won’t ever forget how they made your heart feel. But you will experience new love. And one day, the love that you find won’t ever end. And you’ll finally know why.

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I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

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