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Reflection On My Life!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Due to the lockdown here in Barcelona I have decided to write down where I would like to be in 2 years from now..

- This is my goals, dreams and reality in two years from now!

Love, aahhh yes that sweet thing many people are talking about and few know how to do correctly. I like to think I am a good partner and I would make the right man really happy.

I will experience love again and more powerful this time, because I know what I can offer and what I want in my life. My love life will bloom with happiness and joy like I never seen it before!!

My boyfriend lives here in Barcelona close to Casa Julius. He is 40+ years old and got a good job he likes. He is emotional available, supports me, he wants a long-term monogamous relationship with me and marry me in a few years on the beach.

We go on holiday together. He is muy guapo in my eyes, masculine, likes to stay fit, nicely groomed and dress smart casual. He is Spanish and speak good English. Got a driving license and we go on small trips in the weekends outside Barcelona. He loves to surprise me, like give me flowers, restaurants visits and pick me up from work and share our photos on his social media. Giving me public affection ♥♥ We laughs a lot together and our friends love seeing us together. We trust each other 100%. Life is good when we are together and also when we spend time apart.

- Yep I have been thinking about it a lot.

My friends are the best! They give me that honest feedback I need from time to time.

When I walk into a any room, bar or restaurant, I sparkle with good positive energy.

More and more people wants to get to know me. they want to hear about my life, when I am from, learn from my experiences. They say I have inspired them with my blog posts and YouTube channel.

I now live in my 3 bedroom Atico here in Eixample, Barcelona, its 90 square meters, with 35 square meters terrace and it has an incredible amazing view over the city.

It is beautiful designed and has a lot of herbs, plants and flowers, mmmm smells so nice.

I am still healthy and fit. Eating good looking food!

You know, food with lots of colours, vegetables and flavours.

I like my 4 days gym rutines so nothing has changed there. One hour in and out Woop Woop!

My Spiritual Life or as I also called it - Positive Thinking and some even call it The Law of Attraction! It´s kinda the same things if you want my personal opinion.

So yes, I have continued with that, and I have started to write more things down on real paper with a real pen. It makes it more clear in my mind.

I read more books, do video book reviews (of the books I like).

I already subscribed to some amazing YouTube channels for some positive stimulation because they have some good food for the thoughts! Here is my list of you need inspiration:

1) TED - Ideas worth spreading.

2) Mindvalley - Elevate your life with original content from the worlds best teachers.

3) Marisa Peer - World-renowned speake and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

4) Peter Julius - Motivational speaker and Life Coach.

5) The Love Sanctuary with Peta April, Abraham Hicks - Explaining.

I am still improving my personal growth and becoming a better version of myself and I see big changes in myself and how I communicate with other people - woow this is powerful stuff and I love it!

Also the reason why I studied RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy).

So I can use my life experiences to help other people becoming better versions of themselves.

I will have a very successful Coaching Business (self-employed), helping people all over the world face to face and over Skype. I travel a lot for my work and I love it.

Helping people feeling better about themselves is such a rewarding job - I have my dream job!

I do my weekly Gay Radio open mic advise line and I also answer letters for a glossy gay magazine about different issue they might have.

Another thing I also do is to help adopted, foster-care kids / grown ups to understand why they are different. Making them understand yes you are lovable and enough!

The new project with Renata is Special Nights for Soho House member about RTT.

- We are a great team together!!

On the creative side, I have starting to write a book and I will call it: "Just an ordinary boy".

It will be about my life, from the shy country boy with dyslexia to restaurant manager in London's West End and not to forget I travelled to more that 40 destinations worldwide and crossed the Atlantic ocean on 5* cruise line for free!

I do more artwork, I love being creative, just to get away from the computer and the digital life.

I travel more to Denmark now to visit my family. I can do this because of my online coaching business. My family loves it and so do I.

You have to give and receive so there is balance in the universe, so that´s why I do community free services in the form of "Talks" in schools and for AA meetings, basically for those who will have me and what I have time for LOL

What does your life look like in 2 years from now?

I would to hear from you.

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

Peter Julius 10 years old in Denmark
Peter Julius 10 years old in Denmark

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