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They Said I Changed A Lot.

They said I changed a lot. I said a lot changed me.

Is it just an illusion or just me??

I am single at the age of 44 and I never had a love relationship over 6 months, not my choice by the way..

Maybe I got too selective taste with age or maybe my subconscious mind knows my real standards??

I just want someone who I find attractive and he needs to feels like he is enough and lovable.

Does that even exist in Gay Barcelona or is it just an illusion??

I understand people got issues (we all do), but please admit it and we work-out it together.

I am here for you! And I got problems too..🤗🤗

I just feel like I am the only one who wants to communicate and the guys are just running away with every single small issue they face.. - Like Adios Amigo, see ya..

"I love you, but we can still be friends."

- Sorry but that's not going to work for me.

I want to wake up next to you on a Tuesday morning when you look like sh*t, but you will of course look like an angel in my eyes..🤩🤩

Am I living in a dream world full of fake illusions or is this reality for me??

The Thing I Call Life..

After my post yesterday on Facebook about Corvid and Spanish people, I have upset some people.. Not the Spanish or Catalans, but the tourist..

The people who have been here once or twice.. Do they even know what is going on, in real life, right now, here?

- I think not.

I know, I sometimes post my thoughts and that's just me..

Love it or hate it, it's your choice, but that's just me: Peter Julius

I am not here to hurt anyone, I just believe in freedom of speech..

Please don't call me a cunt, under educated, stupid, idiot or racist in a private message.

It hurts my feelings..

I love Spain & Cataluña, Barcelona is the place I call home, its where my heart is and where I want to live my life to the fullest!!

I might have vikingo blood in my vains mixed with a touch of gypsy, and I am okay with that.

If I am okay with that, why can't you??

I never lie, because I don't fear anyone. People only lie when they are afraid.

I believe in you 💯% Have a great day! Peter Julius

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