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The Gays Are F*cked Up In Barcelona!

I just want new gay friends, but they only have one things on their mind: sex, threesomes and open-relationships!

I recently opened a profile on a dating app to find friends.

One of the first messages I got was from my ex's best friend, with d*ck pic and he wanted to meet for sex! I'm like WTF!! Really??

Do you think I am just like the village bike and everyone get on a gets a ride?

Yes the rumours might say I'm good LOL, but come on - your best friends ex?

For me its just wrong, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

App now deleted.

I am being told I am interesting and a cool guy. So why is it so difficult to get a first or second meet-up? What happen to commitment to friendship or partnership? The gays in Barcelona are f*cked up!! Where and how do you find someone who will support you when you are down?

Being understanding of your life story and your beliefs?

Most will only be there for you when you are funny and flying on cloud 9.

- Wake-up darling, there is always a little turbulence on every flight!

I am close to giving up on ever finding new gay friends or love, I know I shouldn't, but maybe gay friends, love and marriage is not meant for me.. My dream is to get married on the beach one September, because everyone would have a really nice tan and the photos will look amazing.

Here is a true story:

A few weeks ago I saw a cute gay couple in a bar and the boyfriend gave his number to another guy in the bar. The "other" guy (boyfriend) got upset, but his boyfriend just laughs at him and said: "What is your problem? Why are you upset?"

I personally think its wrong to give your number to another guy if you are in a committed relationship, but then again, I am just Danish..

Another true story:

A friend of mine was talking to his new date on a Saturday night and they where going to meet Sunday.

Sunday morning came and my friend send a text to his date: "Hola baby, what do you want do today?

The date replied at 9 am: "I am in Sitges with my friends!".

- It was Sitges Gay Pride that Sunday..

My friend continued to dating the guy believing the best in people and it was just a miscommunication thing.

Then Barcelona Gay Pride came for the same couple..

The same boyfriend (there went Sitges) showed up late - the parade was already in full swing and said he: "I have to leave in 30 mins, my friend got a dance show and I already said I will be there, but I'll be back in a few hours"

The boyfriend got very sad, hurt and upset of course. Two gay prides and his date didn't wanted to be with him - he was thinking: Why doesn't he want to be with me? Maybe I am not good enough to be with, maybe I don't desserve love?"

Come on cariño, you don't leave your date alone twice when it's gay prides!

It is your time to shine together - it is Gay Pride!!

Was my friend right in staying with this guy for a few more months believing in love?

Or should he has left?

- Sad stories if you ask me....

Please note, I have many good straight friends who will always be there for me.

But for the gays, well we have to wait and see..

Besos ♥ Peter Julius xx

The boyfriend there was left alone at the Gay Prides was me..

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