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Should You Reach Out To The Ex?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Should you reach out to the ex doing the Coronavirus to say that you are ok?

If you are in "no contact" and if he did the break-up, I would say no!

After all he didn't want you in his life, so why should you tell him that you are ok now?

He made that decision long before he told you, and maybe even with the help from his friends and family.

If he respect and care about you just a little bit, and what you had together, then he will reach out by the end of the week. (He might need some courage to do so).

If he doesn't - well then, you know he doesn't care about you anymore..

I know this might sound a bit hard, but it's the truth the way I see it!

Remember, you were the one who's heart got broken into a millions pieces..

On the other hand if you did the break-up, and you still care just a little bit about the ex or have been thinking about taking contact or not, I would say: Do it!

Not because you want to get back together (or maybe you do), but just because you care.

I am sure you have heard from people you haven't heard from in a really long time and you know what?


I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

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