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Looking Back At 2019...

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Hmmm 🤔🤔 I had some amazing experiences and some deal breakers.

I learned a lot - no really a lot, a lot about myself and who would/was by my side when I needed it the most..

A text, a call, a like, was enough for me to know you were there for me!

I learned about life, yes it is possible to find love again after 40 and have a good time!

(But we had different views on the relationship part, so single again).

I also learned about my bad sides - caused by actions by others. Not proud of everything I did and said, but actions lead to reaction.

I need to improve my communication skills a little bit. Say what's on my mind/needs earlier, and in a calm way, to avoid unnecessary dramas.

But as you know, the truth can hurt so we kinda live with it or escape it, right?

I didn't handle the deal breakers so well, but I learned my lesson for next time..

Guess what? I am not perfect, but I know when I am wrong and I say: I'm sorry - I was wrong!

2020 will be the year where I will be shining & lighting up the mood wherever I go!!

Grande Besos Para Todos & Feliz Año Nuevo!!

Peter Julius xx

Ps One of my favorit quotes!

Cheers To The People Who Love Us!

Cheers To The Losers Who Lost Us!

And Cheers To The Lucky Bastards Who Get To Meet Us!

Peter Julius

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