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Life Is Not Over At 40!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Your life is not over at 40+, it is just begning!

I didn't reach my athletic peak until I was 42.

I didn't write my first blog post until I was 43.

I didn't start study again until I was 44.

I thought I knew everything in my 20's.

I thought my life was over in my 30's.

In my 40's, I finally started to understand the meaning of life..

I cannot wait to see what the 50's got in store for me!

But I already got the best present you can imagine 44 years ago!

The gift of LIFE!!

I have a good family, friends, colleagues and Facebook / Instagram friends - Thank You!!

And I am living in the most beautiful city in world, a place where I feel at home and call my home - Barcelona ♥♥

Please have a great birthday drink for me wherever you are, but don't send the bill to me because I'm broke, but you can send the pic LOL

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

Peter Julius
Peter Julius at work at Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona!

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