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I Might..

I might..

I might be hard..

I might be sensitive..

I might not be everyone’s cup of tea..

I might be blocked..

I might block..

I might have more grey hair, but I got more wisdom..

I might speak my mind and being wrong, but I apologising later..

I don’t care..

Because I will always be me!!

I am proud of being me, the little shy country boy from Denmark.

Now living in Spain for the 9th year and what a journey & an experience is has been!!

I published my first workbook worldwide on Amazon and helping people with mental problems and addictions though my RTT therapy training..

Yes I might be working in another call centre (for now), but I have bigger plans for me..

Those plans will come true, because I have chosen them to become my destiny, and everything will happen when the time is right..

Yes there are a few demons in the closet there needs to despair first..

So, when they have served their role, function, intentions, purpose and I got the understanding of the reasons.. Then my real true life will begin..

I hope you will continues to follow my personal growth..

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

Instagram: CoachPeterJulius

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