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I Delete People From My Life.

I am a people person, right?? But sometimes I delete people from my life if I find them boring, unintelligent, not interesting anymore or haven't checked up on me in the past 6 months! Don't keep an appointment or make multiple appointments on the same day. Or if they think they can buy my friendship with free dinners, drinks or gifts. That doesn't buy you real people, only gold diggers! (But maybe that's you thing?) 🤔 Would they be there for you if you were broke or sat in wheelchair?

Think about that for a minute.. I know, I would, and I am that kind of friend who would be there - because I am a people person, not a "what status are you" person!! Well, that's life and I think we should only have people in our lives if they inspire us, respect us and our time, has something to offer and care about us on a personal level with no agenda! - Life is short make every selfie count!

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great afternoon!

Peter Julius

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