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Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone!!

I am sure most of us has been there – getting out of our comfort zone at some stage in our life’s.

What I am about to tell you are definitely the most “dangerous” out of my comfort zone I have ever been in my life and I have done some pretty crazy sh*t!!

1. Imagen going on a blind date.. (that can be scary – who is he? What does he look like? And so on)

2. In a city you don’t know. (OMG I am lost – even with Goggle Maps)

3. In Spanish (My 3rd languages and NOT fluent yet - SCREAM!!)

4. Then add cameras.. (F*ck!)

5. Prime Time TV (OMG F*CK Prime Time TV!!)

Yes that is me on First Date on national TV in Spain.

Here is my experience and what I am allowed to say for now..

Going on a first date can be scary and then you add the blind to it = even more scary (hint it turned out really well).

Long story short. I was approached to be on First Date Cafe España on Instagram, the lunch time show, so I thought “no pasa nada cariño” = do not worry darling.

The daytime tv show that no one sees, but it turns out to be the prime time tv show at 21 h dios mio cariño = OMG my f*cking god..

Breath darling, breath darling and then one more time..

I wish I could say more, but I am not allowed to share anything else for now, other than it was an amazing experience!!

- Would I do a similar TV program like this in Spanish again? 10.000% Si Yes Ja!!

So, watch out for First Date on Tele Cuatro España.

As soon as I get the link I will share it of course.

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great day!

Peter Julius

Instagram: CoachPeterJulius

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