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Don't Know What To Do At Home?

Don't know what to do at home doing the lockdown caused by Coronavirus?

I have a few good ideas what you can do:

* Study online - Udemy has courses from 10€ -

* Start a blog - Wix is easy to use and they have a free version -

* Graphic design - Canva is also free to use -

* Read that old book you had on the shelve for the past 5 years.

* Clean up your wardrobe and do a fashion show for whoever you are with or over Skype.

* Home gym with Vodka bottles.

* Focus on personal growth, write a letter to your future self.

(Please contact me if you need help or a different point of view)

* Personal grooming, use lemon juice with water as toner and olive oil + suger as scrub.

* Smile & Stay Positive ♥♥

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great afternoon!

Peter Julius

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