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Four Creative Projects!

Photo 1:

Welcome to Julius Gym!

- The best place to feel better about yourself everyday..

We have everything you need for the perfect home-gym.

We have weights from 1,5 kg, 4,5 kg to 9,0 kg, and all you need is 11 water bottles of your choice, some sellotape and a broomstick.

If you don't have a broomstick maybe your mama or sister got one LOL🤭🤭

Photo 2:

Intelligent People Never Get Bored!

The other day I was playing with my gummy bears.

Mama Julius would be so proud of my skills right now😂😂🙈🙈

- Okay I was a bit bored at home😜😜

Photo 3:

A wood box on a cloudy day can make the hours fly away!

Yes, the result will of course be much better if you have a glass of vino in the other hand.

Photo 4:

Doing the COVID-19 time it can be a good time to be creative!

I found an old piece of wood on my balcony - woow - what an exciting day, right? LOL

Just add a bit of paint, diamonds and 1- 2- 3 done = 2 hours of super fun in my own company!!

Ps the diamonds are not real.

I believe in you 💯% Have a great day! Peter Julius

YouTube: Peter Julius

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