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Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Is it possible to be friends with your ex right after a break-up?

I tried, but I couldn't..

He did the break-up and wanted to be in my life as my best friend and sex partner, but it's not possible to be friends with an ex when you still have relationship feelings for him.

I couldn't do it - I tried - it just hurt me even more! I still miss my ex a lot, he had many good qualities and also some deal breakers. I had some of my best experiences here in Barcelona with him, but money can't buy you real people or happiness. Not many people know this, but in the beginning of us dating I was not in love or anything, but I could see he had some good qualities.

Then later I did fall hard in love - WOOW it felt so nice - amazing sex - good weekends together - good talks - fun experiences - I want more of that feeling in the future 💜💜 Then when I finally said to myself: "I will give all my love and trust to him", that was the time when he slowly went away mentally.. Still a big question why?

Please note, I don't want you to think he is a bad guy, we just want different things in life, did things in our different ways and not understanding each others backgrounds for the action and reaction.

I still hope he will come back, and changed, but you cannot change anyone - they have to want to change for them-self and I don't think he will. We haven't had any contact for a while now and I will not make the next move again.

I wrote a very long personal and honest message to him about one month ago, didn't get a reply. I think I was too honest and might have hit a nerve or two or maybe he is already dating someone new and don't care about a reply. No pasa nada cariño..

I will continue to focus more on myself, what I need, want and can offer in a relationship.

The list is looking pretty good if you ask me! Maybe, just maybe someone will appreciate my qualities one day.

Coach Craig Kenneth has an amazing Youtube channel with lots of good advises and explanations on what the f*ck there is going on in our heads: Check it out here!

I have seen a lot of the videos already.

I also made this Law of Attraction below, and I am reading everyday.

Let's hope The Universe will listen to me and give me what I deserve when I am ready.

Thanks for reading this post!

Besos ♥ Peter Julius xx

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