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Being Single I Miss..

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

As I said in an earlier post I am a relationship kinda guy, I like to take care of my man and get the same in return.

I miss Tuesday and Wednesday nights dates, making dinner together or go out for sushi and edamame - hhhmmmm they are soooo gooood!!

- and maybe spill a little soja sauce on my new shirt, yep that's me LOL

Spending the weekend together doing stuff, enjoying the company, talk about life, go for a drive or walk, meeting our friends, holding hands in the city or just hang-out doing nada.

Sleeping next to each other and just turn around in the middle of the night and give him a kiss cheek and say "Te Amor" then go back to sleep.

Not to forget, the great versatile monogamous sex just become better and better.

More playful and more exciting. You trust your partner more and more, you share your wildest naughtiest sex fantasies with him and oooohh those deep wet kisses! Love it!!

- But I am single for now, so this above has to wait for a little while longer.

I know, I will find someone who wants to have the good life with me.

From being single I have learned more about myself in the past few months that ever thought I would in such a short time, and I am happy for that.

My communication skills has become much better lately, but I'm also taking less BS!

I want to see more action and less talking!

I believe in you 💯%

Have a great Sunday!

Peter Julius

Peter Julius
Peter Julius in Barcelona

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